Types of Care


Care Provision at Longmead

Our primary purpose of Longmead House is to provide a home-from-home for all residents where they are well cared for in a warm, friendly and comfortable environment. They will be helped to enjoy enriched, happy and fulfilled lives and looked after by caring and committed staff who will always be sensitive to their needs. At Longmead care is also sympathetic, compassionate and loving – those things you simply can’t get out of a medicine bottle.

Equally, we provide the highest possible standards of personal care to our family of residents, 24 hours a day. To achieve this our care staff are trained to give any help required to the residents’ needs of daily living. Their purpose is to be supportive, not intrusive, ensuring that individual dignity and privacy are respected and preserved. Residents are encouraged to be as independent as possible and encouraged to keep active and stimulated within limitations. Where necessary, help with washing, dressing and personal grooming is given by our caring and capable staff. Privacy and dignity are paramount in all our dealings with residents.

Longmead’s team are very sympathetic to the often daunting challenges presented by a move into residential care from an involved and active life. We do our utmost both ease this transition and to encourage as much independent living as possible. Prior to admission all residents have their care needs evaluated and a care plan prepared, a process involving the resident, their relatives if so wished and staff. Residents’ preferences and views are always taken into account and various options are reviewed at regular intervals. We ensure that all care needs are monitored on a daily basis and care plans updated accordingly. When required, the necessary outside agencies are called upon to assist including district nurses and community matrons, chiropodists, mobility and physio therapists, dentists, G.P’s, dieticians and the team at East Surrey Hospital. Residents may have a G.P. of their own choice and are given the opportunity to take their own medication, providing they are safe and where it is appropriate for them to do so.

Care at Longmead continues until (on the advice of the GP), the resident’s needs are such that full-time nursing or hospital care is required.


Types of Care*

Our highly trained and qualified staff offer 24-hour care. We are dedicated to offering the finest personalised care and specialise in the following areas:

Residential Care – dedicated to ensuring each resident leads an enriched, happy and fulfilled life in a secure and safe environment with appropriate stimulation and independence.

Respite Care – offering a supportive, restful and effective stay often for a short period of recuperation after an illness or operation.

Dementia Care – informed by the latest research Longmead’s experienced team work closely with each individual resident, and their families, to preserve memories and identity to ensure the greatest quality of life.

*Please note, we regret that we cannot accommodate clients with severe stages of dementia, advanced physical impairment or those requiring nursing care.

A complimentary day is offered to all prospective residents and we would very much welcome the opportunity to discuss your requirements further. Please do give us a call on 01883 340686 or drop us an email enquiry using the attached form.